We create unique Water Sports Days and Outdoor Experiences for School Groups.

Sup Bro is fully mobile and we can come to your school.


Using Stand-up Paddleboards and various beach activities, we build on the Water Skills for Life Programme and teach applied Water Safety and Confidence.


To ensure all New Zealand kids have access to water safety education. 

To enhance team spirit and participation in water-based activities.

To offer safe interactions with our natural marine environment so that kiwi kids learn to love and protect our ocean, becoming our future kaitiaki.


These can host up to 8 children each.

With our fleet of five, we can host up to 40 students per rotation. XL SUP's are always the favourite activity of the day and promote teamwork, water safety and confidence.


Marine Investigation

This Citizen Science based activity is a great way to teach kids about the marine eco-system. With age appropriate activities, our students all leave with knowledge of the different species that live at the beach.

Adventure Based Learning

Adventure based learning (ABL) games keep kids active, entertained and challenged while they are not in the water. These games encourage problem-solving, both individually and as a group.












This activity encourages the students to foster real solutions to one of our biggest threats – Marine Debris. Students participate in a data collection survey and learn how to be kaitiaki of the ocean environment.



At Purua School we are actively trying to build water safety skills within our tamariki and Sup Bro have been a crucial part of how we have been doing that over the last three years. 


The paddle boarding program that Sup Bro offer is the perfect extension of the in-school, in-pool program we have going with Water Skills for Life. When we go out with Sup Bro the children are able to use water skills in real life. The paddleboarding days are the perfect way to put knowledge into action, as well as build on prior knowledge.


Some of our tamariki have very little experience judging water conditions and the on the beach, and in the water lessons that Sup Bro offer, help them to gain this knowledge. The children gain confidence to size and wear a life jacket properly, to understand the power of the ocean and tidal estuaries and they practice huddling in the water and learn about rips and tides. 


The children always come back feeling empowered and good about themselves. This is because the lessons are delivered with absolute professionalism, as well as warmth and aroha for the children. 


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